Selection & High Potential Assessments

Our Assessment services are best in class, leveraging psychometric research, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and decades of talent management experience to help you fully understand the potential, readiness and fit of your current and future talent.

Candidate Selection

What are your typical procedures for hiring? If you are like most, screening resumes and conducting job interviews are the most common.

Are you confident your hiring procedures are most effective in helping you select the amazing candidates you need to succeed for the future?

Talent Assessment
Performance Standards

Defining Performance Standards

With a foundation in Industrial/Organization Psychology and decades of experience working with organizations and leaders, we are experts in identifying clear, standardized and accurate performance standards that are unique to your organization.

While we start with a set of skills and competencies that are generally predictive of success for various levels of the organization including individual contributors, managers and executives, we tailor these standards to your organization after completing various interviews and focus groups with your key subject matter experts

Building a Corporate Coaching Program and Culture

  • Do leaders and associate provide feedback and coaching openly and comfortably?
  • Are all associates actively working on and sharing a developmental growth plan?
  • Do associates take ownership of their development without expecting their manager or organization to give them the next opportunity?
  • Would your organization benefit from having more leaders better equipped to maximize the potential of those they lead?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to build your corporate coaching program and enhance your organizational coaching culture.

    Building a Coaching Program and Culture
    Succession Planning and Talent Calibration

    Succession Planning & Talent Calibration

    • Do you want to better understand the talent in your organization?
    • Could your talent review process be more efficient, standardized, and accurate?
    • Do you wonder who has the highest potential for future executive leadership?
    • Do you want better data to understand who is ready for key leadership roles in your organization?

    If you answered yes to any of the above our Succession Planning services can help you:

    • Target your talent requirements for the future
    • Define the key characteristics most likely to predict future leaders
    • Measure potential deep into the organization
    • Assess readiness for critical positions
    • Implement a standardized and accurate process for conducting talent review calibration discussions.