Employee Engagement

Define, Measure and Strengthen Engagement in your organization

  • Do you wonder if your organization does enough to engage top talent?

  • Do your engagement scores lag behind in certain specific areas?

  • Do you wonder if a slight but targeted improvement in employee engagement could have a huge organizational impact?

    If you answered Yes to any of these questions, check out our Define, Measure & Strengthen Engagement (DMSE) customized processes and solutions.

    Employee Engagement

    The first step is to Define your engagement measures to determine what is most important to your organization given your future strategic direction.

    The next step is to Measure the current level of engagement on these factors. If you already have an established employee engagement survey, great! We can take your data and help with the next steps. If not, we will work with you to tailor your own survey, or identify the right engagement survey provider for your organization.

    Most importantly, it is time to Strengthen the engagement in the areas of opportunity. There is nothing more frustrating to employees than to provide their feedback, see the results and see that little or nothing is done to address their concerns. We will work with you on a customized approach to addressing any employee engagement gaps you identify.

    The percentage of employees who report being highly engaged in their work and organizations is reported to be only about 15%, leaving the other 85% either passively or actively disengaged.

    Some of the most typical gaps in employee engagement scores include:

    • The extent of rewarding and recognizing employee achievements and successes
    • The confidence employees have in top leadership
    • How forward-thinking employees feel the organization is in decision making

    We offer customized solutions to your unique employee engagement challenges.

    Some of our offerings that have been shown to enhance employee engagement include:

    • Own your Development Workshops
    • Build High Performing Teams
    • Enhance Your Coaching Culture
    • Coaching Services