Build High Performing Teams

Create Clarity, Connection, Communication & Conscientiousness

  • Are your teams wasting valuable time and energy due to lack of trust or poor communication?
  • Would your organization be more effective if high levels of teamwork and collaboration became the norm?
  • Would you like to see your teams performing at their highest level and consistently achieving success?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your organization would benefit from “Building High Performing Teams”.

    “Nicole’s observations were spot on and timely. Her follow-up individually was beneficial as well. I know we would not have made the progress as a team without her input and guidance.”


    VP cross functional executive team member

    Research consistently shows that the need to work in teams and collaborate is going to continue to increase in the future. The days where you can operate as an “individual contributor” are in the past. In addition, the vast majority of teams are not meeting the definition of a high performing team. With the rapid pace of change and high levels of competition in all markets, it is increasingly important for work teams to be equipped with the skills, tools and habits necessary to drive the strategic objectives of the business.

    We blend our talent strategy expertise with a scientific approach, backed by organizational psychology and neuroscience. This, combined with practical, hands on leadership experience, provides a powerful grounding to support the achievement of your organization’s strategic priorities. Through our research and experience, we have identified four factors high performing teams have in common: 1) Clarity about the vision and direction 2) Connection with one another 3) Communication that is open, respectful and direct, 4) Conscientiousness, which creates accountability and ownership for responsibilities and commitments.

    When organizations operate with high functioning teams, they are significantly better equipped than their competitors to adapt, innovate and execute strategic plans. By providing teams with insight, skill building and ongoing coaching on team effectiveness, you will vastly increase the operating effectiveness of your teams, without unnecessary noise, negativity or distraction.

    Upon completing this program participants will:

    • Understand what a high performing team is and be inspired to operate as one.
    • Have an increased awareness of current team dynamics, through the use of various team and individual assessments.
    • Be more intentional about how they communicate and adapt to achieve team goals.
    • Conduct potentially difficult conversations with greater ease and acceptance from others.
    • Establish individual and team commitments for what they can do differently to contribute to a higher performing team dynamic.


    This program is the first step in an ongoing Team Development and Team Alignment process that results in:

    Team Development

    Your team will build confidence in one another, increase trust, and gain a better understanding of individual team member’s goals and intentions with a process that leverages team and individual assessment, team effectiveness exercises, clear action items and accountability, in an environment that promotes learning and fun!

    Team Alignment

    Your team will gain clarity and understanding of organizational strategic priorities, team strategic plans and areas of tension in order to create an aligned direction and set of team goals and commitments that are aligned to strategic imperatives.