Our Approach

We understand that organizations today are struggling more than ever with selecting, engaging and developing talent given the complexity, uncertainty and constant change in organizations today. More than half of employees report being disengaged in their jobs and many report a lack of opportunities for growth and development. Clear and effective talent strategies are critical to create a culture that allows individuals and teams to perform at their best. We work with you to identify the strengths and opportunities in your current talent strategies and plan for future trends and challenges.

We also understand that the demands on organizational leaders today are greater than ever before. While most report that talent is one of their top concerns, they have limited time and lack the skills to manage those challenges. We work with your leaders to create new habits to become more skilled at managing talent in their teams and organizations.

6A Growth Cycle

In our work with individuals, teams and organizations, we have learned there are six critical phases to achieving lasting change. Whether that change is about improving individual leadership skills, enhancing team effectiveness or changing an organizational culture, we have found these six phases are necessary for success. We have also noticed that most other approaches and frameworks neglect what it truly takes for people to create new habits and patterns. Change is much more complicated than just telling someone what to do differently! Based on this understanding, we have created the 6A Growth Cycle.

We understand that the need to grow and develop talent is more critical than ever. The world of work is changing faster than ever. Only those organizations that identify and accelerate their top talent will succeed.

Change is much more complicated than just telling someone what to do differently!