Defining Performance Standards

Performance Standards

With a foundation in Industrial/Organization Psychology and decades of experience working with organizations and leaders, we are experts in identifying clear, standardized and accurate performance standards that are unique to your organization.

While we start with a set of skills and competencies that are generally predictive of success for various levels of the organization including individual contributors, managers and executives, we tailor these standards to your organization after completing various interviews and focus groups with your key subject matter experts.


By doing so, we create a set of specific, standardized performance standards you can utilize in all of your talent management efforts to ensure you are attracting, selecting, developing, and managing performance based on a clear and understood set of standards.

We also will work with you on identifying the characteristics you would like to measure deeper in your organization to identify talent that has not yet developed the skills for select positions and levels in the organization. By doing so, you will more quickly identify talent you will want to invest in to retain and develop that talent for the future, rather than wasting time, money and other resources those less likely to benefit from the investment.